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Sunset Auto Sales is in the used car business, and that means we are not just looking to sell cars, we are always looking for quality used cars and trucks to put into our inventory too!

We offer a FREE and FAST appraisal: with decades of experience in buying and selling used cars and trucks, we have the experience to make the best deal for you to sell us your car, SUV, or truck. Just call us on (844) 296-7762 and schedule an appraisal appointment at our dealership in Chambersburg PA and we’ll pay top dollar today!

We make selling your car, SUV, or truck simple, easy, and fast!

You don’t need to worry about the hassle of selling your vehicle privately – we take all of the stress and strain away, leaving you with a check paid the same day!

Sunset Auto Sales will ensure you benefit with:

  • No personal liability after you sell the vehicle.
  • No meetings and stressful negotiations with strangers who may or may not be interested in buying your vehicle, or who just don’t show up!
  • No hassles with the bureaucracy of the DMV – we take care of everything!
  • Sell your car, SUV, or truck before depreciation reduces the value you have today.
  • Cut your expenses by eliminating the costs of vehicle ownership with insurance or loan payments.
  • No need to be concerned about fraudsters and scammers.
  • You know who you are dealing with from the start – Chambersburg’s most trusted used car buyer and the best auto dealer in Pennsylvania!

Sunset Auto Sales works with anyone selling a quality used car, SUV, or truck, including:

  • Private sellers
  • Attorneys and trustees dealing with estate sales
  • Fleet sales
  • Business sellers

Sell your car, SUV, or truck today and enjoy top dollar and peace of mind, with our fast, easy process to sell your vehicle!

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