Top Winter Vehicle Care Tips

With winter quickly approaching, there are a few important tips and tricks to make sure your vehicle is cared for in the colder months.


It can be more difficult for a battery to operate in cold weather than it is to operate in warm weather. This can result in a dead battery when your previously weak battery is struggling to start. Having a volt test performed on your battery before winter starts can make sure it is in working order or determine if it needs to be replaced. Starting and warming up your vehicle a few minutes before driving can also help warm up the battery.


All-wheel drive vehicles are not the final solution for driving in the winter, though they do help. Winter tires provide improved traction when you’re trying to stop and turn on the cold pavement, even if there is no snow. Winter tires are more capable of staying flexible at low temperatures. It is also important to keep track of tire pressure. As temperatures drop, so can tire pressure, losing up to one pound per square inch with every 10-degree drop in temperature. Making sure to check your tire pressure can prevent accidents; driving around on underinflated tires can lead to potential tread separation and increased unpredictability while driving.


Keeping your gas tank as full as possible in the winter is important for two reasons: it can help prevent accumulated water from freezing inside your fuel pump and it can allow you to remain in your running vehicle should you get stuck. A full windshield-washer reservoir is also important because it can be used to clear road debris from a snowstorm or help to dissipate ice. Coolant, or antifreeze, will help prevent the engine from freezing. It is recommended to use a 50/50 mix of coolant and water in the radiator to prevent freezing.

Survival Kit

Having a survival kit in your vehicle will ensure preparedness for winter’s extreme weather. A blanket, first aid kit, small knife, flashlight, jumper cables, and an extra phone charger, are just a few ideas to stock it your survival kit with. Other important things to have in your vehicle are a shovel and a de-ice spray to access the engine or trunk, should they become frozen shut.

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