Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Used Vehicle

When it comes time to buy a vehicle, it can often be confusing knowing whether to buy a used or new vehicle. If you’re looking to get the most for your money and know exactly what you are getting, buying a used vehicle is the way to go.

1. Save money

Buying a used vehicle can save you money because there are fewer fees than purchasing a new vehicle. You are also able to afford a mid-level or top-level model of a vehicle as opposed to the base model of a new vehicle.

2. Minimize depreciation

Consumer Reports show that a new vehicle will be worth just 54% of what you paid for it after three years. Once a new vehicle is driven off the lot, it begins depreciating. Buying a used vehicle means you save money by getting the same vehicle without the ticket price.

3. Reduce Insurance Costs

Insurance rates are usually determined by the value of a vehicle. This means that because a used vehicle has already depreciated, an insurance company would have less to pay in the case of damage. What does this mean for the owner of the vehicle? Lower insurance rates.

4. Fewer registration fees

In many states, it is cheaper to register a used vehicle than it is to register a new one. Registration fees are usually based on the age or value of the vehicle.

5. Vehicle History and safety

With today’s technology and advancements, there are many ways to ensure the safety and reliability of a used vehicle. Most used vehicles will come with a list of maintenance history, previous owners, and a crash report. Buying a used vehicle also allows you to receive more information about safety features because the vehicle has been tested before.

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