Selling your Car Privately or to a Dealer: Which is Better?

There are benefits to selling your vehicle through both a dealer and a private seller. However, which is ultimately better?

Selling to a Dealer

One of the biggest benefits of selling your vehicle to a dealership is that the process requires very little paperwork, as the dealer is prepared for this situation. It is also more reliable than finding a private buyer and it is easier to find a dealer willing to buy your vehicle. Another major benefit of selling to a dealer is that you are sometimes offered a trade-in deal at a larger value than if you were to just sell it privately.

If there had to be a downside to selling your vehicle to a dealer, it would be that there is not much negotiation in price, and you may not get the exact estimated value for your vehicle. However, selling to a dealer ensures you will get paid as agreed upon. While there may not be much room for negotiation, a dealer will offer to buy your vehicle at or around the Kelly Blue Book valued amount.

Selling Privately

When selling privately, you have more control over the selling price of the vehicle and any negotiations that may be involved. However, there is a higher legal risk when selling privately because there is less paperwork involved. It may also take more time to find a suitable buyer for your vehicle while also ensuring you will get the price you want.

If you choose to sell your vehicle privately, it is up to you to promote your vehicle. This may be through Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, where you will have to create posts to promote your vehicle as well as set up constant communication with potential buyers. Another disadvantage of selling privately is that no one will value your vehicle as you do, therefore it will be difficult to get your ideal asking price.

Ultimately, the decision to sell your vehicle privately or to a dealer should come down to making the process as easy as possible. Selling a vehicle to a dealer provides the quickest and easiest experience while ensuring a fair price. Working with a dealer also protects you from potential scams and thieves that you may face when selling privately.

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