Why Buying in Person is Better than Buying Online

With the advancements in technology, it may be tempting to buy a vehicle online instead of dealing with the process of vehicle shopping in person. Researching online before going to a used car lot can help you narrow down your options and ideal budget, but nothing can replace test-driving and seeing the vehicle in person before purchasing. Buying in person allows better flexibility when looking for a vehicle.

1. It’s not what you expect

When shopping online for a vehicle, what you see might not be what you get. It can come with problems that weren’t caught in an inspection, a smell of cigarette smoke, or come in a different color than you purchased. There are endless possibilities of issues that may come with a vehicle bought online. While occasionally the vehicle will be exactly like you expected, it is safer to see the vehicle in-person to ensure quality and safety.

2. Delays

A company may tell you that your new vehicle is scheduled to arrive on a specific day but can be delayed. You may not be given detailed information about the delivery. In addition, if you have already gotten rid of your previous vehicle. In this case, you may be left without a vehicle in the case of the delays.

3. Lack of Customer Service

Dealing with complaints and issues with a vehicle once you receive it can inevitably delay the process further. While most vehicles come with a “grace” period to return it, if the company takes too long to solve your problems, the grace period may pass. This means you are stuck with the vehicle along with the problems. Buying in person allows for direct communication with someone that can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

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